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Critical Thinking: How to identify your own cognitive biases that affect your thought patterns; How to adapt your thinking in environments undergoing variable degrees of change.



Professional Coaching

In person (available in New York or Sydney) or remote (via Skype) professional coaching, customized for your unique thinking style and specific needs.


Sessions are focused on

self-awareness, with the goal to improve your understanding of how personality affects your path in business. Using this knowledge, you will learn how to adapt and succeed in any situation.


Suggested topics below.

Enquire via email to discuss personalized programs.

How can a business survive in an increasingly fast-paced, volatile, uncertain, complex world?

By empowering employees with the mental & emotional skills needed to adapt to rapid & ongoing change.


Sessions provide an immersive and interactive learning experience where attendees will gain new insights, develop new skills, and practice new behaviors for how to manage change, shift mindsets, and use obstacles as opportunities (see specific topic descriptions below).


Enquire via email for more information and to discuss customized programs tailored to your organization's needs.

Onsite Corporate Training, Workshops, and Seminars


Building High Performance Teams

Diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams – but only when taught the perspective-taking and communication skills needed to work together toward collective goals.


Sessions provide an experiential learning opportunity, in a safe and supportive environment, focusing on how to adapt to different personalities, interpersonal styles, worldviews, and cultural interpretations. The facilitator will provide information on the relevant topics stated below, and offer guidance and feedback during team-building activities.


Enquire via email to discuss customized programs tailored to your teams specific needs .

Dr. Liz Goldenberg is an award-winning University Professor with 10+ years’ experience in teaching courses on Emotional Intelligence, Decision Making, Personality & Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Management & Leadership.

Dr. Goldenberg is excited to speak at your next corporate event /training session, conference, or school program!


Topic descriptions below, however, please enquire via email to discuss alternative possibilities, to meet your specific needs.



Topics are tailored around the top 10 skills individuals will need to succeed in business, as identified by the World Economic Forum in the Future of Jobs Report

Services include:

Complex Problem Solving: How to deconstruct complex problems, evaluate alternative options and choose the optimal solution; How to develop resilience in the face of ambiguity and make informed decisions in an uncertain world. 


Creativity:  How to think outside conventional norms; How to apply abstract and divergent thinking to generate novel solutions to various issues and obstacles; How to foster curiosity to fuel exploration and discovery.  




People Management: How to be an agile and adaptive manager; How to leverage diversity in teams through increased cross-cultural awareness; How to use conflict as a growth opportunity.


Service Orientation: How to identify the needs of others through perspective-taking; How to communicate with empathy. 





Coordinating with Others: How to adapt your communication style when coordinating with different personalities; How to balance the needs of self and others; How to understand social and team dynamics.


Emotional Intelligence: How to adapt to the emotional needs of others to enable win-win interactions;

How to manage stress, yours and others; How to increase wellbeing, yours and others. 


Judgement and Decision Making: How to adapt your decision-making processes to changing circumstances; How to strategically plan for the future. 


Negotiation: How to strengthen your persuasion and influencing abilities; How to deconstruct others’ attitudes and influence attitude and behavior-change.


Business leaders and employees can’t afford to be complacent about the disruptive changes brought on by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

At the Adaptology™ Institute, we offer science-based methods for increasing your Adaptive Intelligence.


Through our training programs, you will learn the creative & innovative mindsets needed to thrive in a complex world.

We translate scientific knowledge into practical insights and solutions, customized to your individual, team, and/or organizational needs.



How adaptive are you?  


How adaptive is your

Cognitive Flexibility: How to foster a ‘growth’ mindset; How to be flexibly responsive to changing circumstances; How to switch between multiple mental frameworks in new and unexpected situations.

(and more! enquire via email to discuss details)   

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