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The Adaptology™ Institute was founded to address the deficit in creative & agile thinking in the workforce, as identified by the World Economic Forum in the 2016 Future of Jobs Report.


Dr. Liz Goldenberg, the Founder and Chief Adaptologist, leads a diverse team of behavioral scientists, organizational psychologists, academic researchers, management consultants, and neuroscientists, with a diverse range of expertise, and based across the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Europe.   


Together, we have developed several evidence-based programs to teach the 10 top skills individuals will need to survive in business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


These programs can also be adapted to suit individual/organizational needs (see What we offer).

Dr. Liz Goldenberg is an expert in the field of Social and Organizational Behavior.

Liz received her PhD in Emotional Intelligence and Motivation Science from the

University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney Australia. During her Doctoral candidature, Liz was invited to spend several months conducting research as a Visiting Scholar at both Heidelberg University in Germany and New York University. She is an award-winning University lecturer, having taught several courses in Organizational Behavior, Personality and Social Psychology, Judgement and Decision Making, and the Psychology of Work.


Currently she teaches a Master's course in Management and Leadership at

New York University.

Throughout her career, Liz has worked in a number of different industries, across

a number of countries. She has served as:

  • Communications Consultant for the United Nations (UN Women), working on the National Communications Strategy for Gender Equality in the Ukraine;

  • Policy Advisor in the U.K. Ministry of Health;

  • Freelance Business Consultant;

  • Research Consultant at the Australian Department of Health;

  • Research Associate in the Cambridge University Well-being Institute;

  • Freelance Executive Coach, providing personalized leadership training sessions to a wide range of clients in the private, public and non-profit sectors.


The Art of Adapting has always been second nature to Liz. Born in Sydney Australia to a Filipino/Spanish mother and Ukrainian/Polish father, understanding different cultures, customs, and communication styles, and quickly adapting to changing contexts, have been skills Liz has cultivated since childhood. She looks forward to helping you (and/or your organization) to attain professional success through improving your ability to adapt – specifically, boosting your Adaptive Intelligence.

New York Times bestselling author
of “Willpower”

Professor Felicia Huppert

United Kingdom

Cambridge University

Founder of the Well-being Institute

Expert in: Positive Psychology & Mindfulness

Dr. Daniel Yudkin


Expert in: the Psychology of Transformative Experiences

United States
Yale University

    Dr. Svetlana Komissarouk


Expert in: Cross-cultural Psychology & Motivation Science

United States
Columbia University

Expert in: Future-oriented thinking &

Pragmatic Prospection 

Professor Roy Baumeister

Queensland University

                 Dr. Şule Güney


Expert in: Judgement and Decision- making in an Uncertain World

University of Southern California 
                United States

 Maximilian Ge

Cambridge University

Expert in: Bioscience Enterprise

United Kingdom

Expert in: Neuroscience, 

Consciousness & Imagination

Dr. Johanna Bergmann

Glasgow University
United Kingdom

 Dr. Joe Latham

Melbourne University


Expert in: Cultural studies,

LGBTQI & Gender Bias


 Natalie Weimer

Chief Innovator

[U.K. Macquaire Group]

   Maria Wang-Faulkner

Chief Disruptor

[NYC Googler]

 Dr. Celina Kacperski

Lead Researcher

[University of Heidelberg]

 Solace Arevalo-Sabado

Lead Designer

[The New York Times]

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